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GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review (2020)

Is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting the right call for your website? Sure, they’re the largest hosting company in the world, but that doesn’t matter if they aren’t right for your needs.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know to decide if GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is for you. This Review will go over their plans, performance, support options, and cover the pros and cons of the industry giant.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review—Overall Thoughts
First, yes, GoDaddy can host your WordPress site. It makes sense, as they are the biggest in the world for hosting, that they would have compatibility with the most popular Content Management System (CMS) out there for websites.

GoDaddy hosting for WordPress includes three plan levels for hosting WordPress sites. These plan levels are for single sites; if you need more than one site, you’re going to need to move to a Pro plan, which starts at $24.99 a month.

You’re looking for the best managed WordPress hosting, and we have you covered with the information you need to choose.

Available Plans
Below, we’ll discuss the different levels of hosting that GoDaddy offers. All plans come with several benefits, which we’ll cover here.


Migrating your WordPress site to GoDaddy is a one-click process, and you get access to thousands of themes and plugins, free.

You can also set up your site with a temporary domain name, if you’re not quite ready to choose, and add the perfect domain name at a later time. A free domain name is included with all plans. GoDaddy also offers ready-made sites, with drag and drop easy use, for those who are not tech-savvy.

GoDaddy handles your WordPress updates, offers free 24/7 support, and a CDN boost that can deliver up to 50 percent faster load times. Below, we’ll discuss each plan in detail, then compare the prices to show you all the not so obvious costs, and your bottom line.


The Basic level is exactly that, a great way to begin. Starting at the low price of $6.99 per month, GoDaddy offers WordPress hosting for those just starting out. That price is just for your first year, it is $3.00 more a month at your renewal, to $9.99.

Suitable for up to 25,000 monthly visitors, the basic site package comes with a free domain name, and 30 GB of storage for one website. Other perks include daily malware scans, protection for your content with a “One-Click” backup to save your site in case of a crash.

They also offer one business email that matches your domain name, free for one year. You should be aware that if you activate your mailbox, which is optional, you’ll be charged “the current rate” for that email when you renew. The email plans available at the time of this writing cost $5.99-$15.99 per month, depending on the email plan level.

Another cost at this level is an SSL certificate, which is not included in the Basic plan. GoDaddy’s SSL security plans start at $63.99 annually for the first year for one site. That plan goes to $79.99 upon renewal. Depending on the number of sites you need security for, GoDaddy SSL security certificate plans go up to $199.99 a year ($149.99 for the first year).

The Deluxe plan is $14.99 a month per year, but your first year is only $9.99. Deluxe takes your one site from supporting 25,000 visitors a month to 100,000 and more than doubles your storage to 75 GB. It also offers you Yoast SEO optimizer, free on your GoDaddy hosted WordPress site.

Yoast is another industry leader that ups your search engine optimization game, which helps your site rank higher. SEO is essential if your site is not entirely social media-driven, so that’s quite the perk.


Ultimate plans are where the real savings comes in, but it may not look like it at first. For $19.99 a month ($12.99 for the first year), your one site now has unlimited storage and can support unlimited visitors. That’s not all though, you get unlimited malware removal and hack repair, a $300 annual value.

This level also brings you one-click site testing, a marketing credit you can use to create accounts with Google, Bing, and Yelp—a $550 dollar value, and includes free SSL certificates for the life of your hosting agreement.

GoDaddy’s “Ecommerce” level plan for WordPress Hosting is what you need if you want to run an online store. This plan starts at $24.99 a month ($15.99 for the first year) and offers you a complete online store, the Ultimate level benefits, and several eCommerce perks.

This level comes with access to no less than 15 tools through WooCommerce, a hefty $1,000 value. You can post unlimited products on your store, as well as use real-time shipping calculator that provides your customers with up-to-the-minute rates for shipping your wares to their door. You also won’t pay transaction fees with your GoDaddy hosted WordPress store.

The cherry on top of this plan is the ability to offer bookings, and schedule appointments, through your store. There are plenty of features for a single eCommerce store with this plan. It’s also surprisingly cheap, annually, when compared to the other plans.

GoDaddy Annual Plans Price Comparisons
The chart below shows the annual costs for your first year and after your first renewal. We’ve included each of the services you’ll get, or need to purchase, with your GoDaddy WordPress site hosting plan. Each of the prices is the lowest tier for that service.

A note on the Malware removal costs: Malware isn’t guaranteed, and you could choose to forgo the $300 yearly for malware removal. However, you will end up paying to have it removed if you do not choose to use that program, so make sure you take that into account.

If you elect not to subscribe to that service, subtract $25 a month and $300 a year from the “total” column in the chart to determine you

Plan Level
SSL Security
Yoast SEO Optimizer
Domain Email
Malware Removal
Total with Malware Removal
Basic 1st Year
$607.18/yr $50.60/mo
Basic 2nd Year
$159.20 (optional)
Deluxe 1st Year
$483.87/yr $40.32/mo
Deluxe 2nd Year
Ultimate 1st Year

Ultimate 2nd Year

Ecommerce 1st Year

Ecommerce 2nd Year

Support Options and Quality
It may be true that GoDaddy had a pretty deserved reputation for not so great customer service, but since the mid-2000s, they’ve improved quite a bit. They’re not the most well known for their quality in this area, but they do have solid support, and it’s of decent quality — especially for the price.

Hosting plans come with 24/7 phone support, which depending on how you feel about phones, can be wonderful.

Live chat is only available during business hours, Mountain Time, for customers, however.

Product Integrations Galore
Above, we covered all of the different options included with each plan. We also showed the value of things like Yoast SEO, a GoDaddy email address, and things like having your domain name registered. GoDaddy offers basically a one-stop-shop for all the services you could ever need to run a website. That has pros and cons, of course.

The pro is that you only have to deal with one company, and you know everything is in one place. You can also count on GoDaddy’s sheer size to help you out because they have more people and resources to support their contracts than anyone else in the business.

The con to this is that you can end up paying more for some services. Google’s office suite is a solid option for email and may cost you less than using your GoDaddy email address associated with your domain name.

Other things may allow you to purchase long-term licenses for less than some hosting companies, like using NameCheap or another discount domain name service. GoDaddy provides your domain name free, and that offsets the potential cost.

However, the domain name is only purchased one year at a time, and only free as long as you keep your hosting with them.

Uptime and Money Back Guarantee
GoDaddy has a 99.9 percent Uptime guarantee. That means that your site will be up and operating nearly always. This is not the best uptime of all hosting companies, some average 100 percent. However, it’s quite satisfactory and good value.

If you experience your site being down more than that, you can request a credit to be added to your account. If GoDaddy determines that your site was down more than the time allowed in their guarantee, they put a credit of 5 percent of your monthly hosting fee for that month on your account to use on future GoDaddy purchases.

Some restrictions (like not counting scheduled maintenance time as downtime) do apply.

GoDaddy’s money-back guarantee means that if you decide to request a refund of your annual purchase, within 30 days or a monthly plan within 48 hours, GoDaddy will issue a full refund.

Shared Plans, and Why They’re Not a Great Idea
What about shared plans? GoDaddy does offer shared plans which are considerably cheaper and allow for unlimited sites. The prices are lower, but you also lose a lot of what a managed WordPress plan should include.

Shared Plans do not include things like keeping your WordPress and security up to date, and they also don’t include eCommerce tools, at any level. They don’t include protection for malware or hacks, either.

One of the biggest drawbacks, they also don’t include site staging. So, while this option does exist, it’s not truly a managed WordPress hosting service; it’s just hosting.

Overall Pros and Cons
We’ve covered most of the pros and cons regarding each of the topics above within those sections, but here are the overall pros and cons to keep in mind when considering GoDaddy for your WordPress hosting needs:


Free domain name with a yearly subscription
Low hosting prices compared to competitors
Everything you need in one place
Solid performance and uptime
Great eCommerce tools
Dedicated customer support by phone, 24/7


Some of the cheaper plans may end up costing more with added services
Lower-tier plans offer malware scans, but not removal
Only one site is covered with these plans
Customer service by Live Chat has restricted hours

The Bottom Line
Is GoDaddy’s managed WordPress site hosting the best in the industry? That really depends on your needs, though they are currently one of the lowest-priced for the services they offer. Those services and available integrated products are also comprehensive.

GoDaddy offers you the stability of 20 years in the business, the power of the largest hosting service in the world, and solid perks for reasonable prices. Overall, these plans all have strong points depending on your needs and are a solid deal for the price. However, you’ll find your best savings with the top tier plans.

If you’re looking to host multiple websites, GoDaddy is probably not your best option, and we can’t recommend their shared plans for managed WordPress hosting. That said, they offer solid performance, extensive options, and the confidence their size and longevity have earned them.

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