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7 Content Marketing Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

There is an old rule of thumb that consumers must see a brand mentioned about five to seven times
before they remember the company. This number may be even higher now that people hear constantly from brands wanting to sell them something. From the moment you wake up and see an ad on Facebook to when you drive in your car and see billboards, marketing push is a constant part of your day. It’s easy to tune out all that noise.

After analyzing ad spending across different sectors, Zenith predicted social media ad spending would grow 20% in 2020 and hit about $84 billion. Social media spending will surpass print for the first time if those numbers hold. It’s hard to say how different world factors might influence the final numbers. Content marketing plays a big part in social media saturation, so now is the time to ramp up your efforts.

When it comes to content marketing, some things make people more aware of your brand than others.

Here are seven tips to help increase recognition among consumers and make your business a household name.

1. Invest in a CMS

A content marketing system organizes your content and enables you to see what assets go with what
campaigns. You can also utilize a CMS to plan ahead, scheduling posts far in advance and assuring you have new material for your readers every week. A CMS system allows even a beginner to easily add content and customize it based on color and image style guidelines. The best systems allow for multiple users, so you can bring in professional help such as editors and writers to help advance your authority database.

Another advantage of a CMS is that you can see at a glance planned content for the coming months. Do the topics match your brand image?

2. Make Material Skimmable

Studies show people interact with online material differently than printed matter. Rather than reading an article in-depth, the average user skims over it, looking for the material most pertinent to them. Make your content easy to skim over and absorb. You can achieve this with H2 and H3 headers, bullets and short paragraphs.

You want to be known as an authority in your industry. However, the information also needs to be easy to understand. Think about your favorite websites and how easy it is to absorb the information.

3. Speed up Your Site

People care about how quickly a website loads. The average person will only wait a few seconds before bouncing away to some other interest. Don’t risk losing site visitors due to long loading times. Instead, seek out a server that puts speed first. If you can afford it, steer away from shared hosting in favor of a virtual private network (VPN) or a dedicated server. Whether you publish a food blog or offer technical tips, speed matters.

Page load times impact how people see your business. If you want to appear as a professional, your site should load at the pace of lightning.

4. Use Your Logo Everywhere

Use your logo no matter what type of content you produce. If you publish an article on your blog, your logo will automatically be at the top of the page. But, what if you create a video? How do you include the logo on YouTube or Facebook? First, you should include the logo at the beginning and end of your video.

You should also use it in the profile for your user account. Your logo is your brand image, so use it as many places as possible.

5. Pay Attention to Social Media Pages

Make sure your social media pages match your overall brand image. You should use the same colors,
logo, fonts and styles on social media as you use on your website and printed material. Every time a user experiences to your brand, the impression should be the same. A style guide comes in handy for ensuring everything matches. If in doubt, refer back to the written guide and match material accordingly.

6. Share Your Company Culture

What you care about as a brand and how you treat your employees plays into your brand image. Once you have a company culture you’re proud of—and it may take some time to build it—share glimpses of it with other people. Publish videos of a group meeting. Share snippets about your best employees. Showcase your weekly pizza party.

Not only will sharing your business on a personal level attract potential customers, but it may draw in some of the top workers in your field. They will want to work for you and share in the amazing
atmosphere you’ve built.

7. Stick to a Schedule

You want to appear dependable. One way to do that is by sharing content on a regular schedule.
Subscribers should know they can count on a new article form you every Monday and Wednesday, or a new video on Saturdays. The more predictable you are, the better.

You can still surprise them with a bonus video or infographic here and there, but make sure you set a
schedule users can count on and look forward to. It helps your brand show it’s reliable and consistent.

Importance of Brand Awareness

The best way for your brand to stand out is through unique content no one else has. Be aware of what your competitors have for content and even their publishing schedule. Strive to share unique elements they haven’t and to go a step beyond what they do. Hire a full-time team to manage your content, if needed. With a little effort and planning, you’ll become the go-to authority in your subject area and your business name will benefit from the attention.

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