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How To Create Custom WordPress Fonts: 4 Quick Tips

Approximately 27 percent of the internet (that’s roughly 75 million sites) is powered by WordPress, and this number continues to grow. There are several factors attributed to this popularity. WordPress is easy to use, customizable, flexible, affordable – and the list goes on and on.

When creating a WordPress site, you can customize virtually every aspect of what visitors see – including the fonts. While WordPress fonts don’t get much attention, they should. The typography you use plays a huge role in how your site is perceived by others.

If you are ready to customize the fonts you use for your WordPress site, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for some helpful tips and steps, which can be found here.

1. Begin on Paper

While you may be tempted to turn to your software and begin creating your font there, you should start with pen and paper. Trying to create the shapes of your vision may be awkward and time-consuming if you use your computer. However, drawing it yourself offers a faster and easier method

Some tips to keep in mind when creating your font on paper include:

  • Create the control characters only (H, n, o, y)
  • Mark the baseline and height lines
  • View other fonts to see where shapes are repeated
  • Move the page, not your hand

There are also several tutorials you can view to see how creating your custom WordPress font starts with paper.

2. Select the Software You Want to Use

There are several free applications you can use to create your custom WordPress font. Make sure to choose one you are comfortable with and that has the proper functionality to get the job done.

3. Use the Software to Create Your Font

Most of the software you will find for creating custom WordPress font allows you to upload images of the paper drawings you created. After you have the control characters translated, you can begin expanding the options to include other characters, numerals, and other letters.

Some of the terms you are going to need to know to create your font include:


An individual character within the font you are creating.


This is the invisible line where the font characters sit.

Ascender Line and Ascender Height

The line is where the ascenders begin. The height is the upward vertical stroke on certain letters, such as “k.”

Bowl and Stem

The bowl is the closed-off rounded part of certain letters, like “o,” or “d. The stem is the primary vertical stroke of letters, like “T” or “F.”

4. Refine Your Characters

While creating a font, you may focus too much on individual characters. But you also have to consider how everything will look together. Some tips to help you refine your character set include:

By using these tips, you can make sure the characters flow well together.

Creating Quality WordPress Fonts

By using the tips here, you can create amazing WordPress fonts that help you get your message across to your customers. Be sure to take time to create a font that goes with your overall brand message for the best results.

If you need help with this process, contact us. Our team will help you bring your concept to life.

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