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Top 4 WordPress Live Chat Plugins That Engage Visitors

In a society that thrives off of instant gratification, your business needs to provide a way for your potential customers to get in touch with you – and fast! Offering a live chat feature can help you communicate with your website visitors in real-time, answering questions that could lead to securing a sale. There are a plethora of WordPress live chat plugins to choose from, with both free and paid services to choose from.

What Is The Best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress?

Not all WordPress live chat plugins are created equal; your business has unique needs. Whether you want to track user activity during your live chat or you want a multi-user feature, here are some of the top live chat plugins for WordPress that can help boost your business.

WP Live Chat Support

A simple WordPress live chat plugin, WP Live Chat support allows you to track user activity while interacting in real-time.

  • Offers desktop notification – supported in all browsers (except Internet Explorer, WP Live Chat Support notifies you quickly and seamlessly using desktop notifications.
  • Free of charge – this WordPress live chat plugin comes at no cost, allowing you to chat with your potential customers without worrying about your ROI.
  • Privacy and anonymity – users are allowed to interact without entering their name or email address, giving potential customers the choice of keeping their contact information private.

WP Live Chat Support is a free, simple plugin that allows small businesses to integrate a live chat feature at no cost with easy installation.

HubSpot All-in-One Marketing

An exceptionally highly rated and very popular WordPress plugin, HubSpot offers a live chat feature along with other marketing tools.

  • Easy Integration – you don’t need web developing skills to add HubSpot to your WordPress website. Simply add the plugin and activate; the plugin does all the work for you.
  • Multiple User Functionality – multiple members of your team can interact with customers browsing your website, allowing you to answer customer questions more quickly.
  • Multiple marketing tools – In addition to their live chat feature, HubSpot offers additional lead capturing and marketing tools such as email marketing, pop-ups, and forms.

If your small business is growing, HubSpot may be the best WordPress live chat plugin for interacting with customers while simultaneously growing your database of leads.


While not specifically a WordPress live chat plugin, a simple piece of code makes it easy to integrate this multifaceted live chat software into your WordPress website. Olark boasts a variety of features including:

  • White labeling – remove the Olark branding to mesh better with your own design.
  • Detailed reports – Olark offers chat reports that track the responsiveness of your operators and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer activity – view what your customers put in their shopping carts to track your sales and conversion times while answering any relevant questions.

Live Chat with Facebook Messenger by Zotabox

This WordPress plugin allows you to chat with Facebook messenger conveniently from your own website, offering the functionality and ease that Facebook messenger provides, as well as a number of other features:

  • Permanent chat history – search back through old chats with ease and refer back to your customer’s questions.
  • Additional marketing tools – Your download comes with the whole Zotabox package, which includes push notification subscriptions, contact form builders, and pop-up builders.
  • Affordable plans – from $9.99 to $49.99 per month, this plugin provides small businesses the high-quality tools they need to grow for a minimal investment.
  • Offering your visitors a quick, efficient, and instant way to get in touch increases the potential for a conversion, as well as builds brand trust and credibility. If you have any questions about live chat plugins or need assistance deciding on which WordPress plugin is the best for your business, contact a member of the BuddhaWP team today!

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