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8 Best WordPress Maintenance Plans (2019 Comparison)

8 Best WordPress Maintenance Plans (2019 Comparison)

Running your business requires time, precious time. If you have a WordPress website then you’ve likely had a workday spoiled because of a WordPress problem. This is time you’ll never get back. You need a WordPress maintenance service plan.

If you’re facing issues with your WordPress website, the best course of action is to hire a professional. Now I would normally also state here that you can venture into the web via Google Search and tap into WordPress knowledge bases of abundant resources, but remember time is our focus here. As a business owner, you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of WordPress. Run your business and outsource the rest.

WordPress maintenance groups typically offer monthly plans to choose from. Get engaged with the process and be diligent when reading each plan’s service details. Your aim is to find a WordPress maintenance service plan that fits your budget and caters all of your WordPress website needs. You’ll want to choose a plan with a group you trust. They need to have your back whenever you need a change on the site, and they need to be in charge of maintaining the performance and health of your website. Each WordPress maintenance team listed in this article caters both of these things.

What to look for:

  • Good response time
  • Able to make edits
  • Professional security
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Regular backups
  • Ongoing development

In your search, you’ll come across many WordPress maintenance plans that fit the bill. But let’s shoot for the moon and pick from the best. These are eight of the best WordPress maintenance service providers available today.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care - The Original and Best WordPress Support Company

WP Site Care is one of the leaders in WordPress support. They have WordPress maintenance plans available for WP users. They have nice reviews online.

These plans are a solid choice for anyone in need of WordPress assistance. Their first plan covers all the basic needs. This includes backups, updates, and security breaches. Their second plan is the best fit for either eCommerce support or ongoing development. When in doubt, sign up for their basic plan and upgrade if needed.

  • WP Site Care – $79/mo billed yearly, or $99/mo monthly
  • WP Site Care Pro – $299/mo billed yearly, or $399/mo monthly

WP Curve

WPCurve - Image never having another WordPress headache

WP Curve is a dominant competitor among WordPress maintenance crews. This group is owned by GoDaddy. I’ve been hosting a few sites with GoDaddy for a few years and their customer service has been solid the whole time. I’m sure their WordPress developers are as well. WP Curve will ensure you sleep like a baby knowing that your WordPress site is monitored 24/7 by a team you can trust.

They have four plans. The only difference between each plan is the number of support credits you receive. The pricing fits the competitive norms and ranges from $50-$150 per month. I like this option from the list. It’s simple and GoDaddy is reliable. Make sure to read the whole page so you can get familiar with what’s covered in the plans. From what I can see they cover about everything. This is a good choice for any WordPress site owner.

  • Starter – $49.99/mo
  • Basic – $79.99/mo
  • Deluxe – $99.99/mo
  • Ultimate – $149.99/mo

Buddha WP

Buddha WP - WordPress Maintenance Service & Support

Buddha WP offers WordPress peace of mind. They take a holistic approach and focus on your WordPress site’s homeostasis. They have two plans. The first plan is for most customers. They take care of all maintenance and security tasks. Also, they handle daily chores in a “one job at a time” fashion. Their second plan is a scaled version of their first plan. In other words, start with the first plan and grow into the bigger plan if needed. Though the first plan is a good fit for most of you.


Maintainn - WordPress Maintenance and Support from Real People

Maintainn will make your life easier. They offer ongoing maintenance services for WordPress sites. They have three plans available. They are competitively priced but their plans don’t cover small jobs. Single jobs are quoted.

There are three plans available. Their first plan (Standard) is a good fit for WordPress users who need help with updates and have the occasional question or concern regarding their site. Their second plan (Professional) looks pretty similar to the Standard plan with the addition of more frequent backups, uptime monitoring, and performance checks. Their third plan (Enterprise) is for WordPress site owners who have big plans for their site. Maintainn will collaborate with you and help you reach your goals with the Enterprise plan.

  • Standard – $49/mo yearly, or $59/mo monthly
  • Professional – $149/mo yearly, or $179/mo monthly
  • Enterprise – $249/mo yearly, or $299/mo monthly

The WP Butler

WP Butler - TLC for WordPress

The WP Butler will get your WordPress website running like a well-oiled machine. They have five WordPress maintenance plans to choose from. But to be honest, The Small Business plan is the only plan that meets our requirements for this article. The Small Business plan covers everything a WP site owner needs. This includes backups, uptime monitoring, malware scans, site reviews, and 30 minutes of development.

  • The Basics – $39/mo
  • The Solopreneur – $69/mo
  • The Small Business – $129/mo
  • The Company – $299/mo
  • The Enterprise – $599/mo

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer - Maintenance, Security, Backups and Support for WordPress

WP Maintainer will help you audit & secure your site. They also create automated backups and give you access to a ticketing system for support requests. They have one plan available and it’s a good one. It covers all software updates, scheduled site backups, as-needed edits, and security monitoring and cleanup.

  • $99/mo


Valet - Get back to business

Valet is a team of volunteers, writers, presenters, and more. They are known for their passion to solve problems. Valet doesn’t have any plans or pricing listed on their website. But make sure to contact them for a quote.

  • Pricing is quoted


WPMatic - Proven WordPress design, development, and consulting partner

WPMatic is a proven design, development and consulting WordPress company in Berlin. They have three plans. Their $59/mo plan covers backups, security, performance, site health, and all updates. It covers everything you need.

To be honest the other two plans seem almost identical to their $59/mo plan. This is a wonderful WordPress concierge, so if you decide they fit your needs, go with the $59/mo plan. Upgrade if needed. Though I can’t see why you would need to.

  • Pricing is quoted

That concludes our list. Now it’s time for you to try them out. Take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantees. Find the WordPress maintenance plan that fits your needs best.

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