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WordPress Tools: 7 Essential WordPress Plugins That Every Site Should Have

If you’re just getting started with a brand new WordPress site, it’s a great time to kick your site development into high gear with the right WordPress tools. But to do so, you’ll need the heads-up on the best WordPress plugins for the job.

There’s no better time to build a great site foundation than when you have a clean slate. But what WordPress tools will make your website the best, regardless of what it’s about?

Here’s your answer with these 7 essential pluginsĀ every site needs.

1. Updraft Plus

Little is more heartbreaking to a serious blogger than spending hours, weeks, even years, publishing valued content only to have it lost in an instant.

You may think your content is safe, but when it comes to your own work, better safe than sorry. This handy backup plugin is a great way to make sure all your content is safely stored on the cloud for safe-keeping.

2. WP Rocket

Want your site to load quickly as lighting so readers can quickly access all your fabulous content? Than WP Rocket is a plugin you can’t do without.

Perhaps the best part of this particular plugin, (besides the reasonable price of about $49), is that it’s exceptionally user-friendly.

If speed is valuable to you, this is the caching+ plugin you should spring for.

3. All In One SEO

What good is a remarkable WordPress site if no one can ever find it? Ramp up your search engine optimization with this plugin.

The features are too many to list, (hence the name), but you are sure to be getting a steal as this SEO plugin truly provides every feature you need from page redirects to control over taxonomies.

You get it “all” forĀ under $100. Not sure about it, do your research and compare it with other great SEO plugin options.

4. Elementor Page Builder

Not a designer by nature? Don’t sweat it. This useful plugin gives you step-by-step guides to creating the best-looking, most user-friendly pages for your site.

It works with the latest Gutenburg editor, includes un-do, re-do functions, and is easily one of the most affordable must-have plugins out there. Tailor that website to fit perfectly with the brand you’re creating by using Elementor Page Builder.

5. WooCommerce

Using WordPress to set up an online store? In 2018 alone, WooCommerce was the plugin used by close to 42% of eCommerce stores.

The reputation of this plugin is widely known and respected. Sell anything from physical goods to digital with this versatile eCommerce plugin. Have every shipping (even drop-shipping) option available to you.

It also boasts great security with a dedicated code-monitoring team.

6. Wordfence Security

The unfortunate truth about creating a new website is that a robust Firewall cannot be a plugin you compromise on. Especially if you plan on running an eCommerce site.

Wordfence protects you from dangerous IP addresses and malware. It’s equipped with the latest firewall rules and endless features so you can rest assured that your new website is in good hands.

7. AddToAny Share Buttons

For the good of your website, and the good of the world you want that content shareable!

AddToAny Share Buttons are a great way to make sure every tiny detail you may want to be shared from your site is, well, shareable. The plugin has been in popular use since 2006, so you can bet it covers every major social site you’d want to share on.

More WordPress Tools You Can’t Do Without

Quality WordPress tools are many and varied. When browsing what plugins you want to add, just be sure to cover your basic website needs with plugins like these mentioned.

For further website-development help, read through our post on 9 WordPress development tips.

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