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3 Lesser-Known WordPress Web Design Tips for Beginners

Did you know that 34.5% of the world’s websites utilize WordPress?

Building a site through WordPress is easy, quick, and even relatively fun. With that said, it’s tough to know where to start, especially if this is your first time building a site.

That’s why we’ve come up with three WordPress web design tips to help you get started. Keep reading to learn how you can build a beautiful website today!

1. Don’t Mistake WordPress.Com for WordPress.Org

Here’s something frustrating that no one seems to tell new WordPress users: WordPress offers two unique options.

These options, and, might seem like the same thing. However, they’re quite different. Each has own advantages and drawbacks, so make your choice carefully., for instance, is far easier to use than its .org counterpart. You can get a site up and running in a matter of minutes. With that said, it lacks many of the customization features that boasts.

On the other hand,’s biggest drawback is its hosting requirements. sites are hosted through WordPress. If you opt for a .org site, it’s up to you to find a host, which also means you’re responsible for maintenance and support.

2. Optimize for SEO

Whether you choose a .com or .org site, building and customizing your site is only the start. You want to generate as much traffic as possible, so you’ll need to adhere to search engine optimization standards.

Don’t worry, you won’t need a degree in marketing. There are some great plugins that can help.

Yoast and Jetpack are two of our favorites. Both let you keep an eye on your traffic, tinker with custom previews, and write meta descriptions.

It’s important to optimize for speed, too. The faster your website loads, the higher your website will rank.

Make sure to properly optimize images and take the time to simplify your URLs.

3. When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

There’s no doubt about it: Creating a WordPress site can be intimidating. Don’t let nerves keep you from creating a beautiful website, though.

When push comes to shove, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. As long as your website accurately reflects your brand and vision, you should take pride in your website.

As cool as flashy graphics are, most users will take simplicity and speed over needless aesthetics any day.

Make use of negative space, keep your text readable, and include plenty of images.

Use These WordPress Web Design Tips

There you have it, three WordPress web design tips to help you get started. As you create your site, don’t forget to take your time.

As intimidating as WordPress can be, it’s also a lot of fun. Play around with plugins and themes and come up with something unique.

And if you need some help along the way, don’t forget that we’re here! Whether you need advice or you want hands-on support, contact us and we’ll be there for you.

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