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Get Your Site Running: 9 WordPress Web Development Tips for Beginners

Now used by over one-third of all websites, WordPress is one of the most popular choices for new websites.

And with good reason. WordPress makes it easy for total beginners to get a website up and running quickly.

But that doesn’t mean WordPress is overly simple. This platform is a great place for an experienced WordPress web developer to build beautiful, complex sites too.

If you’re new to building WordPress sites, read on for a quick look at a few WordPress web development tips.

1. Use a Premium Theme

As tempting as a free theme might be, going with a premium theme is almost always a better choice. Premium themes give you much more flexibility and often allow users to make big changes to the appearance or function of the site with little to no extra development.

Most premium themes can be had for less than $50 – a small price to pay for a much more professional website.

Check out for a premium theme. They have simple, easy-to-use themes. But they also have fully-customizable, themes as well.

2. It’s All About the Accents

Color and design are some of the most important elements of any website.

Before you dive too deep into setting up your website, be sure to pick the right accent color. This will really help make the site look more professional.

Do your research. It’s important that your brand has the right look and feel. Here are 50 web design color schemes to get the creative juices flowing.

3. Find the Right Font

Fonts are also crucial to the look and feel of a website.

When looking for a theme, choose one that will allow you to easily add Google Fonts or your own custom font solution.

Our favorite Google Fonts plugin is Easy Google Fonts. It has over 300,000 active installs and stellar, 5-star reviews.

4. Use the Plugins You Need (Not the Ones You Don’t)

Nothing slows a WordPress site down more than an overabundance of plugins.

While plugins can be very useful, they can make your site slow and glitchy if you have too many. The wrong combination of plugins can also cause real issues.

Only install plugins that you absolutely need. If you have questions about a plugin you’re thinking of using, ask a WordPress expert first.

5. Don’t Forget About Speed

Speed is a big issue for many websites. If your pages do not load quickly enough, visitors will not stick around and your SEO will suffer.

You have 3 seconds before you start seeing significant bounce rates.

Improve speed by using a CDN, caching plugins, and managed WordPress hosting.

6. Optimize SEO with a Plugin

SEO can be significantly improved with the use of plugins like Yoast SEO. Try one out and see where you can improve.

To get started with Yoast SEO, install the plugin and run the setup wizard.

7. The Logo Makes the Site

Even if you’re a total beginner, it’s still important to get the details right. Start your site with a great logo for a professional look.

8. The Key to WordPress Web Development: Always Use a Child Theme

If you’re going to make changes to the CSS of your site or the functions file, you absolutely must use a child theme. Never overwrite the files of your main theme. You’ll end up losing any changes you’ve made to the files.

Using a child theme makes it much easier to maintain and update your website.

9. Compress Your Images

Big images can be a real drag on website speeds.

Be sure to size your images correctly and compress them when possible. Try using Photoshop or one of the many image compression websites out there.

If you don’t have Photoshop, try an image optimization plugin like WP Smush. You can purchase the premium version here.

Your Turn

WordPress web development can be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not an experienced WordPress web developer.

Much of WordPress is relatively easy to learn and, with the prevalence of WordPress sites, there’s always more to learn.

Need help with your WordPress site? Let’s talk.

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