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WordPress Support

Get help from WordPress experts you can trust. Run your business, earn more money, and stop dealing with website problems.

WordPress support when you need it

Gain peace of mind and run your business like a boss.

Unlimited jobs

Easily submit jobs directly through your WordPress dashboard. We handle any job 30-minutes in length or less.

Helpdesk support

Simply reach out with your problem or question directly from your dashboard. All support requests are handled within 24 hours.

Client collaboration

You have a mission to succeed with your WordPress site (just like us). We’re a handy resource for information.

Support from your WordPress dashboard

Friendly WordPress support is just a click away.

Some of the things we do

Yes, all of these things are included with Buddha WP.

Increase site speed

We optimize and maintain the overall speed and performance of your WordPress website.


We handle all maintenance jobs on your website. Tasks are tackled one at a time.

Manage updates

We perform all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates on your website.

Cleanup Hacks

We detect and clean up malware. We also harden your website to prevent future intrusions.

Increase visibility

We help optimize your website for search engines like Google. We also help coach SEO.

Preserve uptime

We monitor your site’s uptime 24/7 and fix any issues that may cause your site to go down.

Configure plugins

We help configure complex plugins and extensions that you upload to your site.

Monitor blacklist

We monitor your site’s integrity so you don’t get blacklisted by search engines.

*Purchase in confidence with our 30-day money back guarantee

Speak to a WordPress expert

Get your WordPress issue handled as soon as possible.